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As a way of delivering added value to our clients, we offer 'mini-seminars' on topical areas of construction law.

Some of our current Seminar Topics

  • Delayed Opening Insurance Coverage - Smoke in a Bottle?
  • Judgment Proofing – How to do it – How to beat it!
  • Weasel Clauses – Meaning what you don’t say.
  • Construction Bonds – Are they worth it?
  • You and your Lawyer – Who’s working for whom?
  • Lawyers Bills – Dirty little secrets
  • Alternatives to Litigation – Debunking Mediation
  • Negotiation and Bid Shopping – Walking on the edge
  • Liens – A B C’s of the B L A (Builders Lien Act)
  • Design Liability – and other tales of horror

We are always looking for topical issues for our ‘mini-seminars’ and invite your suggestions for topics that are of interest to you and your team